Android Token is a reward token

Android Token will be gradually used in mobile phone applications for consumer payments. Android Token is also in talks with major online sites to work together for online payments. Android Token will become a convenient way of payment in our daily life in the future, Examples: shopping, travel, booking air tickets, hotel reservation, car purchase, house purchase, etc., the implementation of practical application.

Android Token Information

Total Supply

2 Quadirrilion

Airdrop Cap

200 Trillion

Pre-sale Cap

200 Trillion


1 Quadirrilion

Auto liquidity

600 Trillion

Marketing & Reward

200 Trillion

Android Token in your wallet

$Android Token is a deflationary token designed to become more stable over time. All holders of $Android will earn $BNB and $Android Tokens which will be automatically sent to your wallet by simply referring $Android Tokens to your friend.

Manual Burns

We have burned 20% of the supply. Also 30% will be burned from every milestone we achieve

Future Oriented Token

We have a Many Platforms Coming up Such as AndroidSwap, AndroidMulticoinSender, AndroidLock and other eco-systems.

Locked Liquidity

Majority of LP tokens locked.

Android Holding

5% of each transaction is redistributed automatically to all Holders in the Form of $BNB . That means you can earn more BNB by just holding $Android Token in your wallets.